About Us

MyCurrencyBuddy.com is a website which offers an online method for website visitors to view recent currency exchange rates in Vancouver BC.

One of the few things that are as volatile and unpredictable as the weather is currency exhange rates. With the constantly changing CAD dollar it has become important that consumers are able to identify the best currency exhange rates when exchanging their hard earned money.

MyCurrencyBuddy.com was founded by a person who lived in BC, and worked in Seattle Washington USA to answer the often asked question when travelling to a foreign country "Where is the best place to exchange currency?". With the release of the first MyCurrencyBuddy.com website in July 2015, they set out to answer that question for people exchanging their currency in Vancouver BC. The goal is to prove the concept in Vancouver BC, and then extend to other markets where currency exchange is prevalent.

Since MyCurrencyBuddy.com provides an entirely free service it relies solely on advertising to cover all expenses and to fund further website development. The MyCurrencyBuddy.com website has rapidly grown into Vancouver BC's premiere currency exchange information source. Do your part to promote competition in currency exchange and help everyone save money when exchanging by telling exchange companies "we saw your rate on MyCurrencyBuddy.com" and asking them to match the best rate. MyCurrencyBuddy.com will soon be offering currency rate alerts so that consumers can get notified when a local company is offering the rate that they are looking for. In the mean time, continue to check the MyCurrencyBuddy.com website for the best currency exchange rates in Vancouver BC on a regular basis.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve the public by providing a real time currency exchange forum so that consumers in Vancouver BC can have access to the information necessary to locate the best currency exchange rates available. By working together as a community everyone will save money when exchanging their money.

The MyCurrencyBuddy.com web site was developed as an initiative to provide all residents and visitors of Vancouver BC access to local current currency exchange rates. Since currency exchange rates are often extremely volatile and riddled with markups, posted currency exchange rates may vary as much as 8% between banks and currency exchange organizations. On a recent trip to Europe, one consumer discovered the difference between the best rate for (CAD/EUR), and worst rate in Vancouver BC for purchasing 1000 € could cost them an additional $ 85 CAD. By having access to the most recent rates at MyCurrencyBuddy.com consumers now are able to locate the best currency exchange rates in the city and get the most money when exchanging.

Making an impromptu trip to Bellingham WA USA and need to know where to get the best rate for (CAD/USD) on a Sunday? MyCurrencyBuddy.com answers that question and provides other currency exchange related information and money saving tips for consumers in the Vancouver BC area.